10/5/2016 – Matthew No Longer An Immediate Threat

Good morning,

Short version for the ADD crowd: Matthew will not impact our weather this weekend (at least not directly), with a vastly improved forecast for the Mid-Atlantic.

Will spare you all my typical diatribes; appears our cold front will do the trick, and keep Matthew away from the area. Matthew will still pose a threat Florida and the Southeast Coast, but even the Outer Banks seem to be emerging from under the “threat umbrella”. In fact, the sinking air around the perimeter of the hurricane (aka “subsidence”) may actually end up squashing our cold-front showers on Saturday, so we could end up with really nice weather, in a great sense of irony, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew.

I’ll add that the same cold front expected to suppress Matthew to the south may ultimately “miss” the storm… leaving it behind to meander off the Southeast Coast for days and days. The European Model started showing this yesterday, as well as some of the GFS Ensemble model runs. So this means we may not be done with this storm just yet.

Talk to u all later.

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