9/29/2016 – Heavy Rain – Where it Stands

First, the rain event has been largely a disappointment over north-central MD, where storm totals have been around or even less than an inch. To the south, we’ve seen reports of 5 to 8 inches near and south of DC and on the Eastern Shore. As mentioned in the forecast emails, we knew there was gonna be heavy rain, and I also kept repeating the exact placement of the heavy rain would be tough (if not impossible) to pinpoint. And honestly, I don’t know if any of the models got this right.

A couple links for the latest rainfall…

Map with plotted valuesfrom the NWS
Map with radar-estimated rainfall I ran here at the office

As far as “Are we done?”… man, I don’t know. The NAM says we have another round of soaking rain coming thru this afternoon and evening, while the GFS says that we’re basically done, keeping the core of the evening rainfall t our south. I’m guessing the heavy rain threat is past, but as mentioned previously, the local radar loop will be your best friend> Latest Local Radar Loop

The stuff we’re watching is actually the blossoming rain on the Eastern Shore, which is beginning to push northwest. My guess is we’re done for the day, or nearly so.

The main storm is not going anywhere, so while the rain intensity and frequency will diminish, the clouds and rain are here for the next 2 days, possibly three. I am afraid to say Friday and Saturday are going to be cloudy, showery days… and Sunday is looking iffy as well too.

Talk to u soon… watching soon-to-be- Hurricane Matthew for next week. More on that later.


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