About this week…

Drought Monitor shift is over… let the drought detox begin…though it really wasn’t too bad this go around. We’ve all got spring fever… so naturally, winter’s not going to let go easily. Models have actually been teasing a snow for this week for quite some time, but given the March sun angle and general overall warmth in the lower 48, I adopted a wait-and-see attitude. I’ve waited and seed it long enough. We may be dealing with a late-season snow event for the end of the week.

I’m not going to get too crazy with the email. Strong cold front will come through on Wednesday, and then… well… it will get colder. Go figure! Hopefully all the stink bugs will bust out of hibernation just in time to get zapped. Anyways, after the cold air settles over the eastern U>S., models show an area of low pressure tracking from the Mississippi Delta to the Virginia/Carolina Coast Thrs night into Friday. How far north/south this thing tracks will — like always — determine what we get and how much.

Early look at the models… the latest Canadian has an impressive snowstorm for the Mid-Atlantic, with notable accumulations extending well into southern PA and “jackpot” in srn MD/nrn VA/DC. The GFS is much lighter… albeit still with accumulations, and it too has a swatch of heavier snow across south-central VA and srn MD. The European (from last night) keeps most of this to our south, with little significant snow accumulation.

I’ll add we are getting to the time of year where in order to get accumulating snow, you almost have to get the snow to fall at night… since the sun still manages to burn thru clouds to some extent and warm the ground. The Canadian has most of the snow falling during the day Friday, while the GFS is a bit faster, with the snow falling Thrs night.

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