Battle Royale

We are in for a crazy 5-day stretch, with wild temperature swings and gusty winds.

We have the winds now, actually, though this is just an appetizer for what’s to come. Expect strong south winds to keep things mild today and Friday, and then a cold front slowly sweeps thru Saturday. We’ll go from the 70s on Friday to upper 20s and low 30s Saturday night into Sunday morning. Sunday looks very windy to boot, especially across central and northern MD. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a replay of last Monday’s power outages out in these parts.

We follow this with a strong warm front for Monday, just in time for Opening Day. It’ll be windy, but temperatures on Monday will bounce back into the 60s and low 70s. But the potential idyllic baseball day could get ruined still. A strong cold front will sweep thru during the afternoon, setting the stage for afternoon and evening thunderstorms, and some of these could be severe. Hopefully we’ll get the game in.

As if that wasn’t enough fun, models show an even colder air mass blasting into the region Tuesday morning. The latest GFS forecast for Tuesday morning is a bit unsettling, with temperatures well down into the 20s just about everywhere:

GFS surface tempertures Tuesday morning, April 5th.

Tuesday night, the high settles overhead… and our winds are forecast to go calm, setting the stage for yet another hard freeze Wednesday morning. Guess I’ll put the potted hibiscussessesses back into the basement. Damn.

So, we’re talking a freeze Sunday morning, and then a hard freeze Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Welcome to April!

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