Blast from the Past!

Picture courtesy of the Baltimore Sun... shows the Oregon Ridge chairlift back in its heyday.

Picture courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

Anyone recognize the location of the attached picture (lifted from the Baltimore Sun archives)?

I have this borderline obsession of what this place was like back when it was open… and am wondering if any folks ever got to ski here.  I really wish it was still open.  But as I understand it, the regional weather and warmer climate did not help matters, and it shut down in the early 70s (I think).  They used to make snow too (I have a cool picture of that as well).

Hint 1:  It’s close. Many have probably driven by it hundreds of times.
Hint 2: The tow rope is still there, but is not operating.  You can still see the old Chairlift supports
Hint 3:  I wouldn’t sit on that right-hand side if you want to see the Fireworks when you’re there.

Oh, the Answer:  It’s Oregon Ridge.


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