Friday Follow Up

Back from snow removal…  quick glance, and not much has changed inre to Saturday. We’re looking at a period of light snow, starting tomorrow morning and lasting until about mid-day.  Accumulations will be light, 1-2″… altho there could be as much as 3″ in the far north.  Will still need to keep an eye on the new coastal low as it spins up, but right now it appears that this low will mostly bypass us.

In the spirit of the Olympics, regarding our big snow, if I had to say which models did the best…

Overall, First Place goes to the Canadian Regional Model, which did an excellent job with p-types, timing, and intensity, shining especially bright with the last part of the storm.  It’s total “liquid as snow” was also impressive. It did not have the snow quite as heavy as the NAM with round 1, but it nailed the Thrs eve snow.

I’d give the NAM second place, a close second at that.  It nailed the first part of the storm, which was pretty remarkable… but it failed pretty badly with the intensity and placement of the last round of snow during the eve and night last night.  It was also too cold, as the rain/snow line worked farther west (per the Canadian) than the NAM indicated.

For the Bronze Medal, I’d give it to the European.  The European did a real nice job with the overall placement of the weather features, but came up woefully short on pcp amounts, especially snowfall.

I’d give Honorable Mention to the Navy NAVGEM model, which did OK with the first round of snow, but came through real strong with the last round of snow.

And the GFS… it was late to the party, and then was too cold when it finally showed up.

That should do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  (well, to the ladies. To the guys, Happy Friday the 14th!)

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