I Think We’re Good

Good morning, and Happy Spring!

Inre to the Wx for today and the pending coastal low, I think we’re good… most of the heavy pcp will fall to our east and northeast, though we could see a repeat of yesterday with some rain and wet snow this afternoon and evening… enough to once again coat the ground. The only major model out there still offering a “huh” forecast is the UKMET, and that’s not one of the big hitters, so to speak.

If anything changes I’ll let you know.

Inre to our hard freezes… the Monday morning freeze looks less impressive, and we may not get below freezing at all due to lingering clouds and some wind. Tuesday morning will be the primary freeze target, with lows in the upper 20s in the Piedmont, lower 30s along and east of I95… not as cold as previously indicated, but still a hard freeze.

Warm up begins in earnest Wednesday, when 60-degree readings will return.
Talk to you all soon!


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