More Logical Weekend Forecast

Have a very busy day so will keep this short. Yesterday’s NAM forecast seemed a bit extreme, and the latest iterations of the various models reemphasize this. Is it still going to get cold this weekend? You bet. Are we likely to see some snow? Yup. Will we need to shovel? Nope. This all boils down to where the new coastal low will get going, and the models have shifted this north a bit to just south of Long Island. So rain and snow showers are likely on Saturday, but no historic snow… and that makes sense.

I will add, even sans snow, the GFS is wicked cold Sunday morning. It has teens (yeah, frickin’ teens!) over nrn MD, and low to mid 20s everywhere else. To see the GFS temperature forecast for Sunday morning, check out:

GFS temperature forecast for Sunday morning at 5 am, EDT.

Light blue is teens, medium blues is 20s, dark blue (offshore) in 30s… each line denotes an increment of 2°F.

This would be really bad news for many local folks, including garden centers, orchards, and vineyards. I hope the GFS is too cold… but it’s been pretty spot on all week.

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