Stinkbugs, Weekend, and Next Week

Good morning,
Short Version:
– Wind on trash day blows.
– Stink Bugs suck, and they’re not going away.
– A winter storm may march through the area early next week.  Or not.
If you want it to seem like you’re working, keep on reading…Well… my plan for not using a trash can sort of worked.  Apparently, animals were having a field day with my and my neighbor’s trash.   If folks put a can out, it was blown over (courtesy of the winds noted in the image below)… and the animals ripped open the bags and feasted.  Or, in cases like mine, folks just put out a bag, and they tore into that too.  I’ll bet the racoons were dancing and high-fiving each other when the wind kicked up last night;  “YES!!!  Wind on Trash Day!!!  Buffet, here we come!!  Sharpen those claws, boys!”  OK, maybe not… but I’ll be they at least had grins on when they ventured out.

Preliminary Peak Winds (mph) over the preceding 24 hours (covering March 12-13, 2014)

Preliminary Peak Winds (mph) over the preceding 24 hours (covering March 12-13, 2014)

Inre to stinkbugs… many folks had sent me the article out of Virginia Tech talking about a 95% mortality rate.  I had – and still have – serious doubts that we lost 95% of our stinkbugs here, cos I know for a fact that they’re still popping up in the house whenever it gets warm.  And really, you just need two to survive to get it all going again.  Well, the Sun put up a nice story about it, and my fears are very well founded:,0,3227449.story

Cliff Notes: Anyone that thinks we’re done with stinkbugs is in for a rude surprise come spring and summer.  This winter may put a dent in them, but it will be temporary.

The weekend… Friday looks fantastic, and Saturday looks pretty nice too… altho a cold front will drift thru the area, but little if any pcp is expected.  This gets us to Sunday and early next week.  We’re watching a potential late-season winter storm for Sunday night into Monday, perhaps even Tuesday… but we really don’t much more than that right now.

Models agree that a storm will start to take shape along the Gulf Coast.  And that’s where the agreement ends.  The European has been flipping back and forth like Mary Lou Retton (OK, so that dates me a bit, I know…) between a hammering (storm comes up the coast) and nothing (storm stays to our south), with its latest iteration keeping the storm to our south.  The GFS is suppresses the storm to the south, but the tweaks-and-reruns of the GFS (called the Ensembles) almost all have the storm farther north, with some bringing snow and rain into the area by Sunday evening.  The Canadian has a crazy winter storm, with snow developing Sunday eve, changing to rain in the south Monday, followed by a bonus round of heavy snow Monday night into Tuesday.  At this point, who knows…  not me… altho I have this little vital piece of information:  I’m supposed to be the author of the U.S. Drought Monitor next week.

Why is this important?  Glad you asked.  Well, you see… we take 2-week shifts doing this task, twice a year.  My shifts as author are inevitably interrupted; I’ve had Furloughs, an Earthquake, Tropical Storms, I mean… you name it, it happens when I do the Drought Monitor.  Well, my January shift was – as expected – interrupted by 10″ of snow and a Federal Government shut down.  So, the one week I couldn’t do (because of snow) is to be made up next week… and that is as close to a stone-cold shoe-in-of-the-week lead-pipe iron-clad rock-solid lock as you can get for bad weather.  Or locusts.  Or pyroclastic flow.  Or a D.C. tsunami.  You get the picture.  So I feel confident the storm is coming.

To further illustrate:

Me:  Will my US Drought Monitor shift next week be impacted by a late-season winter storm in the Mid-Atlantic?

Magic-8 Ball:  YES  (All caps, just like the Magic-8 ball says)

There you have it.

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