Thanksgiving Wx

Good morning,

Thought I’d let you all know the weather leading up to Thanksgiving will not be a big factor in travel plans.  No rain expected today and Wednesday, as temperatures moderate into the lower to middle 50s ahead of a cold front set to swing thru Thursday.  This is a “meh” cold front.  There may be some light showers with the front Thanksgiving morning, but nothing major… and this front won’t hold a candle to the blast that came thru this past weekend (and also kicked off this season’s first sleet and wet snow last Saturday night).  In fact, the air behind this cold front won’t be any colder than what we have now, as the front will lose much of its umph as it marches east.

Longer term outlook does not feature much in the way of cold or interesting Wx.  Models, which had originally shown a trof (southward dip in the jet stream, usually associated with cold, often snowy weather) over the eastern U.S., now have shifted this trof for next week west over the Great Plains, leaving us a predominant southerly flow next week and warmer temperatures.

Commuters:  Send this out every year… it has become my experience that today, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, has the WORST afternoon commute of the year (outside of weather-related delays).  It’s gotten so bad that when the opportunity comes, I take the day off or leave early.  If you’re at work and can do the latter, it would serve you well.

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!

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