Tie It Down or Lose It

Quick note to reemphasize the winds we’ve got coming late Saturday night into Sunday morning. Latest NAM forecast for Sunday @ 5 am shows winds just above the surface sustained at ~25-30 knots, which adjusting that down to the surface gets us roughly 25-30 mph, with gusts potentially double that (50-60 mph).

NAM wind forecast (knots @ 10m, or ~ mph at the surface) for Sunday at 5 am.  Yellow is the can o' whoopass.

Expect downed trees and power outages, especially in the area in yellow (25-30 mph sustained) on the attached link/map.

Thankfully, winds will subside rather quickly, so any downed wires/trees should not be compounded by additional wind problems later in the day. In fact, NAM shows winds going virtually calm by sunset. Nevertheless, if you’ve got anything that is outside that could end up being donated to your downwind neighbors, act accordingly.

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