Happy late weekend…  I’m gonna be sans internet Monday until Noon due to a work issue, so I wanted to get this out.  Hope folks enjoyed our light snow event  Sunday… now on to more pressing matters.Models are still having all sorts of fun with a coastal low for Weds-Thrs.   It seems to be a good bet that we’ll have a low developing in the Gulf on Weds. The upper-air energy that will trigger this Gulf low will be tracking across central California Monday, so we’re not waiting for a jet streak or coastal jump or some other divine intervention.  It’s there, moving ashore.  The question is:  Will this low track up the East Coast, or slide a bit farther east out to sea?  With the jet stream buckling just enough, we may very well end up- with this low coming up the coast.  The European and Canadian Model are all-in for a snow storm for Weds and Thrs, while the GFS still keeps the low a bit offshore.  I’m starting to think we have ourselves a winner.  With the jet stream not quite as flat (west-to-east) as it has been, things seem to becoming together for a true East Coast storm.  My only question is this:  Will it track too far west and give us a wintry mix, or track up the slot and give us all-snow?

So, we’re still status quo for the mid- to late-week storm… still there, but far from a done deal.

I’ll ping y’all when we come back online mid-day Monday.

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