Where it stands – Tues, Feb 9th

Good morning,

The storm is not panning out to be what I/we thought, but there may still be a small area that gets more than 3″ of snow. For most looking for a decent snow event, this will be disappointing… with 1-3″ primarily on grassy surfaces, and the bulk of it north of DC. However, some of the late-night models went back to the idea of locally heavy snow, but they have it on an almost microscopic scale when looking at this globally (which we have to do). At this point, just keep an eye on radar…


You can see the snow beginning to “fill in” as the coastal low takes over, and the heaviest right now is north of DC… and west of Baltimore, though the snow in the Baltimore metro area is beginning to fill in as well. Again, I think unless something crazy happens at the last minute, 1-3″ north of DC, but there may still be some folks who get locally more if the coastal low gets going.

Needless to say, this has been a frustrating forecast for you and me both, but at least we’re getting something.

Hope you all have a good day.

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