Where the snow fell: Piedmont-centric

As far as where this snow fell, it was a Piedmont-centric event, with most folks in the Piedmont getting a solid 3 to 6″ of snow. The rub was outside of the Piedmont, where there was little if any. I got some notes from folks that already had 4″ early in the day, and I’ll bet those folks got 6 to 7″, especially in the highest Piedmont locales well north and west of town. Here in Jacksonville I measured a solid 4″ on a table top, probably a hair more. I also noticed a measurement submitted down the street of 2.5″… and I’m not sure how they got that number. If you used anything on the ground, your total was lower… as I noticed clearing the driveway. But this was an easy-to-measure table-top snow event. No wind, and a very pretty snow to boot. And if anything, it was hair over 4. For anyone interested, here’s the map of reports from the NWS:
Snow Map from the NWS for Feb 9

Also, there’s another batch of light, perhaps even moderate snow on the PA border dropping southeast. This could dust the roads again tonight, though I really hope not. I need schools to open on time tomorrow. You can see the snow as of Tues eve dropping slowly southeast on the MD-PA line.
Local NWS Radar Loop (via AccuWeather)

In closing, while not what I would call a “hit”, not a total miss either. For some, the original idea was the accurate one. But for others, not so much… as the folks that got little to no snow covered a much larger area than I thought.

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